*In times past, laser hair removal had strict limitations in term of skin type and hair color. Nearly a decade ago only applicants with light skin colors would experience great results from the procedure.
Due to advances in technology and dermatology, nearly everyone can benefit from laser hair removal. The American Society for Dermatological Surgery has shown that nearly 633,000 procedures for laser induced hair removal were performed in 2014 (a 51 percent rise from 2012) .

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Your skin is your largest organ and often the most neglected. Even when you visit a beauty salon that features laser hair removal, your skin’s health may still be in jeopardy. Why? Handling a laser for any type of medical procedure requires training. This training should not be just how to use the laser but should include how to assess candidates and prevent complications.

Laser hair removal targets the melanin in a patient’s hair. However, the surrounding skin also has melanin and can be burned or scarred if laser targeting is mishandled.
Many salons do not have medically qualified staff on-hand to address such issues. Therefore, it is best to seek a professional with a medical background when opting for laser hair removal.

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